Gallaghers at Wirral Golf Club have transformed the way members and customers are served in our beautiful clubhouse. Fantastic service, later opening hours, events, parties, great food, award winning ales, premium lagers and quality wines and spirits will all be available.​


Since 2010, we’ve quickly become known as the most notable Pub in the heart of Birkenhead with our Traditional Pub. From our unique cocktails to our ever-changing list of local beers, we have everything you need to have a great night out.


Frank and Sue established Gallaghers in 2004 opening a small barbershop in Market Street, Birkenhead. A couple of years later they opened their second shop on Hoylake Road, Birkenhead.

 Driving past a closed down and nearly derelict pub on their way to work each day, they began to wonder if they could take it on, restore it and put a barbers in it. They managed to do this by opening ‘Gallaghers Pub and Barbers' in 2010. 

The pub and barbers became very successful and in 2017 the barbers closed down as the pub needed more space for seating as Gallaghers expanded its kitchen and menu. 

Frank is an ex Irish Guardsman and the shops had been full of military memorabilia which was moved to the pub and over the years customers have added to it stating that they’re proud to add their memories to the collection. Gallaghers Pub is famous for this special tribute to the army, navy, air force and merchant navy, also various shipping lines.

Now with our new venue at Wirral Golf Club, we’re dedicated to making sure your time with us is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Don’t believe us? Come on by and see for yourself.

Outside of the club - man holding beer